Haskell R&D Project (stage)

At Hoppinger we make web sites and web apps for our clients. A sizeable part of our work is based on open source CMSes (WordPress and Drupal), that enforce many anti-patterns on our developers. We want to build an open source CMS that is optimised for development, and we have decided that it is going to be written in Haskell.

Our main reasons for choosing Haskell: (1) it’s type system will turn bugs into compile errors, (2) it allows lower response times compared to dynamic languages, (3) less moving parts when deploy binaries, and (4) we believe that Haskell allows us to eventually do more, while enjoying it more, in less time.

The feature set of the product is not finalized, but will likely include the following:

  • optimized for “single page” sites (no reloads, but retrieve further content with AJAX and use the history API)
  • provides a method of writing JS-in-Haskell (Fay?)
  • modular, where modules can hook into the admin section (similar to RefineryCMS‘ engines)
  • search as a first class citizen
  • i18n-for-everything
  • resource friendly while giving low response times

All members of the team are invited to discuss which features we try to realize as part of the project.

There are two or three positions for interns on this R&D project. We are already in contact with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HRO), that teaches Haskell. By this posting we want to allow a broader audience to consider applying for it.

We understand that a student needs to fulfil certain requirements in order to fit this project with his/her education program; we are very willing to discuss option in this regard.

The project will start in September and will last for 6 months. E-mail Leonie van der Hoek to apply for this project. When you do please answer the following questions:

  • What are you studying? Where do you study it? And what year are you in?
  • Why do you think this project fits you well?

We also like to see:

  • Your resume;
  • Examples of work from school or hobby projects;
  • Links to code that you have developed.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.



Acquisitie door vacaturesites, werving & selectie- of detacheringsbureaus stellen we niet op prijs.