Community platform with special attention for privacy and security

As a partner in digitisation, we help our customers grow. It would be even better if, together with our clients, we could develop solutions with social impact that really improve people's lives. Because we can draw on the experience and successful projects such as, we start with a similiar technical foundation that is rock solid in terms of performance, security and privacy. We add to that to create a community platform that is suitable for your end users and helps them further.

Our experience in the health sector

We aim to start a strategic partnership with our customers. We support this through the experience we have in the health sector: we are aware of developments, challenges and opportunities in the sector, of digital possibilities and of the expectations of target groups. We work for Diakonessenhuis, Spaarne Gasthuis, OLVG and for charity funds such as KWF, Nierstichting, Alzheimer Nederland and Hartstichting. Also for mental healthcare institutions and commercial organisations in cure and care such as Partou Kinderopvang and Movir, the latter being one of the largest disability insurer in the Netherlands.


Why a community platform?

  • A private ecosystem for patients, practices and care groups that enables self-management and gives more control over health and lifestyle
  • Privacy and security first: the maximum security maintained for an already vulnerable target group
  • A protected and user-friendly environment for practical information, insight, support and advice
  • Integration with other applications and data sources, such as Thesaurus Care and Welfare
  • Digitally accessible according to the legally required web guidelines (WCAG 2.1)
  • Support digital learning by adding an e-learning component
  • A proactive strategic partner, who also provides management and hosting of the application
  • Personalisation based on machine learning and algorithms
  • Shorter lead time and lower investment by using an already existing technical foundation. 

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