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The current circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus are clearly shaking our global society to the core. The fact that so many countries all over the globe are now locked down is an experience that few of us will ever forget.

Being forced to stay home and isolated as much as possible is a challenge. Our entrenched way of working by moving our bodies physically, just because it is what we have always done, is being challenged with irresistible force. We are required to change, to learn how to distill our daily interactions through digital technology.

At Hoppinger, we are no strangers to digital transformations. Whereas we have performed a lot of digital enhancements for many of our customers and partners, we have never undergone such an extreme change ourselves, even though we work digitally for the vast majority of our time.

All of our meetings now happen via video conferencing, enhanced by chat, screen sharing, and drawing on screens for brainstorming. The importance of our internal digital systems is increasing hundredfold. Data quality and indexing of data become essential properties, because a lot of people will access data “offline” from each other, and so data must be easy to find, unduplicated, and complete.

We also see that a lot of activities must adapt to online-only. Some are easier than others. Online marketing is perhaps the single activity the least affected by the current situation, together with regular software development and project management which were already relying on mostly online contact with customers, and as such can simply go on as usual. Designers will need to resort to online video conferencing for user interviews, but for the rest can continue operating.


Many of our partners are relying on us more than ever to be able to reach their audiences via digital, and we are here for them.


We see that many of our customers and partners are going through the same. Physical events, conferences, restaurants must be canceled or closed, and as such digital venues and digital transactions are one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal right now, to continue to do business almost as usual. 

We choose to be positive, amidst the challenges. The circumstances that are forcing us to relearn how to work digitally will have a positive impact even after the storm has passed. We will digitally transform to become more efficient, and ethereal, with positive effects for efficiency, commuting, the environment, and much more.

This means that we are open for business, right now. Many of our partners are relying on us more than ever to be able to reach their audiences via digital, and we are here for them. E-commerce, customer portals, workflow supporting applications and classic websites require all the attention we can give them.

 If you feel that we can be of assistance to you as well, either to adjust to the current situation, or to speed up your own digital transformation, drop us a line at info@hoppinger.com!

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Guiseppe Maggiore is Digital Entrepreneur & CTO bij Hoppinger.

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