How Hoppinger was founded

Going back in time, 20 years ago – which is an eternity in the digital age – Hoppinger was founded by Marijn Bom and his business partner at the time. Today, Marijn is still one of the owners and daily directors of Hoppinger in Rotterdam. When the idea of a digital agency was born, the founders decided to travel together and climb the highest mountain in Scandinavia: Galdhøppigen in Norway. A difficult name to remember… A few months later the official company name had to be registered and that's how Hoppinger was born.

Digitisation for everyone

Driven by technology, the world has gone through major transformations in the past 20 years. Some better than others. Sometimes digitisation makes things complex, whereas it should make things simple. Or it leads to exclusivity, where it should contribute to inclusivity.

We believe that digitisation is for everyone. So when we help our customers realise their digital mission, whether that involves valuable connections between the company and the target group, with other players in the chain or just between a few people: we help everyone benefit from digitisation. In this way, as digital partner, we contribute to meaningful and impactful growth and innovation.

Digitalisering voor iedereen

Maximise your ambitions

Climbing high mountains together with our customers and guiding them to the top is still the core of our services. Setting high ambitions is one thing, but helping our customers to actually realise those ambitions is what we dedicate ourselves to every day. From base camp to the next station, to the next station after, and finally to the pinnacle of their digital ambitions. The team of 90 fantastic Hoppingers makes that work even more fun!

Accelerate impactful growth and innovation

That is our mission. Yes, we love to work on digital challenges with social or societal impact. But we also believe that profit and impact can go hand in hand. After all, we are entrepreneurs too. And so we like to get our hands dirty on commercial digital issues. We assure you that the focus is always on helping the end user: your customer. Because only then can we contribute to your mission and thus to ours.

Hoppinger Group: one stop shop

Ever since Hoppinger was founded, we have helped to realise the digital ambitions of our customers based on web technology. Since 2009, the services of our digital agency have been further expanded with strategy, data analysis, digital marketing, software engineering, enterprise architecture and system architecture. We have grown completely autonomously into a group of companies with two offices in Rotterdam. Every company has its own expertise to provide specialist services and solutions that our customers demand. Together, the three companies form the Hoppinger Group, your strategic partner and one stop shop for digitisation and digital transformation.

Digitaliseren is ondernemen

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