A guide to the top for 20 years

First, let's go back in time. 20 years ago – an eternity in the digital age – Hoppinger was founded by Marijn Bom and his then partner. The idea of a digital agency arose when Marijn decided to climb scandinavia's highest mountain during a trip through Norway: the Galdhøppigen. A tricky name to pronounce... Soon it became the "Hoppinger mountain". That name, the mountain, still symbolizes our role as a guide to the top.

Digitization for everyone

Over the past 20 years, the world has undergone major transformations through technology. Some good, others less so. Digitization sometimes makes things complex, where it has to make things simple. Or it leads to exclusivity, where it should contribute to inclusivity.

We believe that digitization is for everyone. If we help our customers with digital growth and innovation, if we help to respond to the wishes and needs of their target groups, we let everyone benefit from digitization. In this way, as a digital partner, we contribute to impactful growth and innovation.

Digitalisering voor iedereen

Accelerate impactful growth and innovation

And that is exactly our mission. Yes, we like to work on issues with social or societal impact. But we also believe that profit and impact can go hand in hand. And so we also like to sink our teeth into challenging commercial digital issues. We assure you that the focus is always on helping the end user: your customer. By connecting the wishes of your customers with the growth ambitions of your company, we contribute to your mission and therefore also to ours.

Our digital platforms

Digital platforms are the accelerators of impactful growth and innovation. We design and develop e-commerce platforms, online communities, e-learning solutions, customer portals, mining environments, e-business applications and combinations thereof. We work from a long-term strategy, with the end user central and always based on modern technical architecture principles. This makes our platforms the foundation for short and long-term ambitions of our customers.

To the top of your ambitions

Climbing high mountains together with our customers and guiding them to the top is still the core of our services. From base camp to the next station, to the next station, and finally to the top of their digital ambitions. The team of 90 fantastic Hoppingers makes that trip even more fun!

Hoppinger Group: one stop shop

Fully autonomously, we have grown into a group of three companies. Hoppinger specializes in the development of digital platforms, Vidda Digital in lead-generating websites and growth marketing, Hoppinger Business Solutions in process automation and data management through CRM, ERP, low code and BI. Together, the three companies form the Hoppinger Group, your strategic partner and one stop shop for digitization and digital transformation.

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