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At Hoppinger, we want to make an impact, whether in the health sector, housing or food industry, non-profit or commercial; this mission is what brings us to our work every day. Impactful growth and innovation make the difference for our customers and their end users, and that is what Hoppingers 'rely' on. We understand better than anyone that we can only make that difference if we also grow and innovate ourselves. That's why at Hoppinger we invest not only in the growth and innovation of our customers, but also in that of our Hoppingers. Through personal coaching, development plans and training budgets, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves while contributing to the impact of our clients and sectors.

No Hoppinger without Hoppingers

We are a team of software engineers, designers, business developers, strategists, marketing consultants and operations professionals. A diverse group of people from different backgrounds, interests and age groups, but we are all driven by the same things: ambition, curiosity, ownership and innovation. This makes our culture freeing and stimulating, with room for mistakes and fun.

Some facts about the Hoppinger Group:

  • Our team represents 9 different nationalities
  • 43% of our team is female
  • Hoppingers come from all academic backgrounds; from HBO bachelors to PhD’s and from international universities to art academies 
  • The average age is 32 
  • We speak mostly English
  • Our CTO gives online yoga lessons
  • We collect fridge magnets from our holidays

Growth opportunities

Because we are a group of companies instead of one big corporation, we can deliver in-house expertise without losing our agile start-up mentality. This not only makes us attractive for clients, but also for our professionals. Working for the Hoppinger Group, means always having a next step to take in your career. Whether that step is a promotion or a side step to a different role or company. Basically you can have a lifelong career, working with different clients on different goals, without losing your favourite colleagues.

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