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Digital growth and innovation is about using technology, data, people and processes to always be of added value for your current and new customers. Our approach, and the services and solutions we provide, are therefore always based on using data and technology to design valuable interactions between your business and your end users. These perspectives are the common thread running through every phase of a long-term partnership with our customers.


Digitization is entrepreneurship. So we start with your business: the challenges in your industry, the opportunities that exist, the position that your company or organization wants to take in the future. Our digital strategists help to formulate a long-term goal and design a digital strategy that brings you step by step to that goal.


The future of your company or organization depends on the needs of your – current or future – target group. User research, qualitative and quantitative, is therefore essential. But digital growth and innovation also requires something from the people and processes in an organization. We also take that perspective into account when we research, design and (further) develop.


Data is at the heart of digitization. Data enables organizations to grow and innovate in a scalable way. Data can make end-user experiences easier and more personal. In every phase of the collaboration, data is central. We analyse data, ensure data quality and data management, extract insights from data and enrich data with information that end users share on platforms. So that our customers and their customers reap the benefits.


The right technical foundation is crucial for a future-proof digital strategy. We combine the science behind software engineering with the creativity of web and native development. Because digitization goes far beyond just a beautiful user experience, and privacy and security are becoming increasingly important, we develop based on modern architectural principles such as headless, layering, components and APIs. With open source and enterprise level technology, we create digital platforms that capture your entire customer journey.

Our platform solutions: standard and tailor-made

Platforms are the driver of digital growth and the foundation for innovation. That is why we have been developing digital platforms for years. Whether it's e-commerce platforms, community platforms, e-learning applications, customer portals, complex websites, mobile apps or mining environments: we've already built it! As a result, we have 'off the shelf' platform solutions that we can tailor for your brand and the unique proposition of your company. In this way we help to accelerate growth.

The right method for every phase

We focus on long-term partnerships with our customers. Our approach is divided into a number of phases that match what the collaboration needs at any given time:

Working on the short-term objectives, we continuously experiment with functionalities from the next horizon. This is how we continue to learn and innovate. A prerequisite for digital leadership!

- Dirk Scheele, Managing Director Hoppinger

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