Vision on digitisation

For us, digital growth comes with creating synergy between technology, data, people and processes to always add value to your current and new customers. Our approach, and the services and solutions we provide, are therefore always based on the use of data and technology to create a continuous value exchange between your business and your end users.

How we add value

We digitise together using a method that we have developed ourselves: the Greenprint. The Greenprint is based on elements of business model innovation and design sprinting. It helps us to keep the focus on your long-term goals and work towards them step by step. During every step, we combine Business, User and Technology. That combination makes us a strategic consultancy company, creative digital agency and IT firm in one.


It all starts with getting to know your business: the challenges in your industry and the value chain you are part of. We use this to outline a vision of what your organisation could look like in the future. Our strategists help you formulate a long-term goal based on McKinsey's 3 horizons model and design a digital strategy that takes you step by step towards that goal.


User research, qualitative and quantitative, is essential. After all, the future of your company depends on the needs of your – current or future – target group. It's all about knowing the pains and gains of your target group. We therefore conduct user research at the start of every digitisation process and after a digital solution has gone live.


The right technical foundation is crucial for a future-proof digital strategy. We combine our knowledge of software engineering and enterprise architecture with web and native development. Because digitisation goes much further than a beautiful new website, and to ensure privacy and security needs, we build layered technical architectures. With open source and enterprise level technology we create digital platforms that cover your entire customer journey. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a full suite of best practices. These come together in a toolbox full of high-quality components and solutions with which we build a foundation to accelerate your digital ambitions: the Digital Transformation Foundation.

Step by step towards growth and innovation

In the Greenprint our collaboration is divided into three main phases: Phase 0, Phase 1 and Phase X. Before we help you move forward, we first take a step back to thoroughly get to know you. How can we make your ideas even more valuable? As soon as we are clear on the first step, we will get started based on Waterfall and Scrum and lay the foundation for your digital solution. After the first go-live, it gets even more fun! With the data-driven Build-Measure-Learn model, we continuously optimise and help you to grow and innovate. A phase with no end.

While working on the current phase, we provide a glimpse into the future and we experiment with functionalities from the next horizon. In this way we continue to learn and innovate. The recipe for digital leadership!

Dirk Scheele, Managing Director Hoppinger

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