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Royal Boon Edam is one of the global market leaders in the field of revolving doors and secure access products. To maintain this position, Boon Edam is making significant strides in the field of digitisation: from the Internet of Things to data analytics. The resulting insights help Boon Edam deliver more and more value to customers and distributors. We were asked to act as a partner in order to pour that value into new solutions.


Unconventional start

The collaboration between Hoppinger and Boon Edam started in a somewhat unconventional way. Their web partner stopped, and so we were asked to help with the management and further development of their global websites. Because they were built on a technique which we had also used in the past, we had that knowledge in-house. But we also immediately looked to the future: how can we get rid of this outdated technology as quickly as possible? And what is the next step in digital transformation?


First step on the roadmap

In digitisation we like to work with roadmaps. Based on added value for our customers and their customers, we determine what the next step is in the digital transformation. We came to the conclusion that the websites could wait a little longer. First the focus would be on the distributors.


Digitising interaction with distributors

In order to provide distributors worldwide with up-to-date product information anytime and anywhere, Boon Edam is making the step from paper to digital. We developed a Product Configurator, seamlessly linked to SAP Business One. So we do use the business logic and data from SAP, but we created our own user interface that distributors can use without any form of training, and that is fully Boon Edam branded. With the Product Configurator, distributors can compose product lists and request quotations. Changes to the product requests are processed in real time.

Highlights Product Configurator

  • Business Logic from SAP Business One
  • API link between SAP and the Product Configurator
  • Frontend application in React and Typescript
  • User-friendly user interface with own branding
  • Part of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) process


Optimise with insights from data

The user-friendliness and 24/7 availability of the Product Configurator makes communication with Boon Edam as easy as possible for advisors. The valuable data that the tool provides offers Boon Edam an improved insight into the market in order to further optimise the production and sales process. A powerful step in the digital transformation.


Branding and marketing

The innovative character of Boon Edam is part of their brand identity. Especially after the steps in the field of IoT and CPQ, it was time to clearly communicate that brand identity to their target groups via the global websites. After devising a branding and marketing strategy together, we designed and realised a brand new corporate website in 15 different languages and regional variants. We replaced the outdated technology with a modern headless architecture with Drupal CMS and a Marketing Automation link. The worldwide demand for access solutions from Boon Edam requires a lot of differentiation in their websites with regard to, for example, language, custom systems and country-specific certifications. This information is now loaded onto the websites from the central product database and tailored to each location, so that changes no longer need to be made in the CMS of 15 different countries.

  • +19%

    Contact moments

  • +23%


  • -11%

    Bounce rate

Highlights global corporate website

  •  15 language and region variants
  •  One central product database
  •  Headless architecture with Drupal CMS
  •  Marketing Automation Integration
  •  Conversion increase of 12.5%
  •  Extended average session duration by 44%
  •  Number of contact moments increased by 16%


Multiple channels, one UX

When designing and realising the UX, the end user is of course central. New customers are acquired through marketing channels and conversions on the websites. Often the customers are not the end users of Boon Edam's products, but distributors or contractors. A consistent UX between the websites and the Product Configurator is therefore essential to optimise the user experience of that important target group.


Next step

The foundation has been laid and the first two floors have been built. The next step is to digitise the actual transaction: ordering products that have been put together via the Product Configurator and of course a digital flow for spare parts and service.


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