Our vision on digitization

For us, digital growth is the right use of technology, data, people and processes to always be of added value for your current and new customers. Our approach, and the services and solutions we provide, are therefore always based on the use of data, technology and creativity to create a continuous exchange of value between your business and your end users.

Your end-to-end digital partner

As a digital partner, we help you with all facets of digital transformation. Working with the Hoppinger Group means benefiting from 20 years of experience in technology, digital strategy and UX. We offer you a sustainable partnership: whatever your future digital wishes, the Hoppinger Group is right for you.

Partner and partnerships

As a digital partner, we are the extension of your organization. In this way, we help to accelerate your digital ambitions. We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and certified partner of leading technology suppliers. If there is a need for expertise for a certain aspect of your issue that we do not have in-house, we have a partner network with additional expertise, such as cloud hosting providers, Azure specialists, IoT experts, branding agencies, copywriters, videographers, illustrators and more.

Working at the Hoppinger Group

Because we are a group of three companies instead of one large company, we have a lot of expertise in-house without losing the agile start-up mentality. This makes us not only attractive for customers, but also for colleagues. Working at the Hoppinger Group means that there is always a next step possible in your career. Whether that is a step in the form of a promotion or a step to another company within the group. You will always find a new challenge at the Hoppinger Group.


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