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Hoppinger is your strategic IT partner for the long term. With our broad knowledge of digital transformation and value creation, we help organizations to map out their digital strategy. We not only give advice, but also realize the technology. Flexible and future-proof, as a structural reinforcement of your IT landscape and architecture. The rental platform we have built integrates seamlessly with existing systems within your organization. You can expand it further and further with new functionality, links or digital touchpoints with the end user. The platform grows with you. We have already been able to help these housing corporations with their digital innovation:

You can live in digitization

Housing corporations will have a number of well-known financial challenges on their agenda in the coming years, such as the addition of new homes, making existing homes more sustainable, promoting traffic flow and the affordability of homes. According to Koen Rozendaal, Digital Strategy Consultant at Hoppinger, digitization plays an important role in these issues but also in the provision of services to residents and home seekers. "Fortunately, there is more and more awareness for this and the need is recognized by a large part of the sector. Yet we still often hear the comment: 'you can't live in digitization'. At first perhaps a logical reasoning, but actually one that is fundamentally incorrect. Compare it to a hotelier who says: 'in hospitality you can't sleep'. Just as hospitality is an intrinsic part of the quality experience of a hotel, a fast and personal (digital) service is an intrinsic part of the experience of the home seeker or tenant. Moreover, a satisfied home seeker or tenant costs the internal organization less time, so that more time is left for, for example, the real estate and customized services."

Koen Rozendaal - Digital Strategy Consultant

Our solutions

We want to share our rental platform with other corporations. Collaboration is essential to achieve synergy benefits and optimize the customer experience. In this way, we connect to social goals from an IT perspective.

Ronald de Lange, Manager I&A at SSH

Ronald de Lange SSH - Samenwerking corporaties

Our services for housing corporations

Are you looking for inspiration about digital growth and innovation in the social rental sector? Or do you want to start tackling your digital issues in an accessible way? Check out our services or contact us for more information!

Everything within one platform

Lizzy Berendsen is interaction designer at Hoppinger and responsible for the user experience of the WrApp platform. According to Lizzy, it is precisely this user experience that makes WrApp so distinctive compared to other WRV systems in the market: "The platform is one seamless experience from registering to responding, being a tenant and ultimately cancelling the lease again. Other solutions often have separate portals for home seekers and for tenants. WrApp controls the entire process within one platform. All interactions with the system are carefully thought out so that everyone steps through the process in a pleasant way; whatever his or her journey looks like."

The starting points of the SSH were managing the expectations of the home seeker and as much self-service as possible. "That is why a lot of attention has been paid in the interaction design to clear information at every step in the process and keeping the home seeker informed. Users can arrange almost everything themselves. The result is a rental mutation process where only an action by an employee is required for the income control." Would you like to read more about what the platform has brought to the SSH and its tenants?

Lizzy Berendsen

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