E-business your way

With our mix of business, design and technology, we conceive and build your custom e-commerce platform. Due to the modular design of the system, we combine the functionality that suits you and your users. This means you are ready for the future and can be linked to systems such as PIM and marketing automation. Our promise: This is the last new e-commerce platform you'll need to build.

Data as starting point

This modular, headless architecture offers the possibility to properly use and integrate relevant systems in the back office. In this way we make the right data available to the right users, and we ensure that the right user data also ends up in the right system. Data quality as the foundation for BI and AI.


Open source and enterprise technology

We build the platforms according to a 'best tool for the job' architecture. For the headless frontend we use React and TypeScript and for integrations a service bus or a .Net Core layer. All open source technologies of an enterprise level. We use best of breed technology for back office tooling - productised solutions combined with room for customization.

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100% integrated

The platforms we build unlock data from various (back office) sources. Think of systems such as Marketing Automation, CRM, ERP, PSP, POS, DAM and PIM. Via a high-quality API we link, among others, with:

  • HubSpot
  • Various Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Salesforce
  • PSP's such as Mollie, Adyen and Buckaroo
  • SharePoint
  • POS systems
  • PIM/Product Databases
  • etc

Part of the Hoppinger Group

Do you need more than just a platform? Traffic and leads through SEO and SEA? Processing of invoices? Account management? Implementation of CRM or ERP? Vidda Digital specializes in growth marketing and Hoppinger Business Solutions can help with CRM or ERP issues. The Hoppinger Group is a HubSpot, Google and Microsoft partner.

Approach focused on growth and innovation

As a digital partner, we aim for a long-term relationship focused on growth and innovation. After the first go-live of a platform, we not only take care of the technical management of the platform, but also of its continuous development. Based on established KPIs, we analyze the data together with our clients, in order to continuously focus further development on business growth and increased customer satisfaction.

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