With our years of experience and extensive knowledge of your industry and target group, we know how to provide end users with valuable digital experiences. For example, we developed solutions for knowledge development within international organizations into e-learning software for start-ups. Based on this proven technology and standardized components, we also build your e-learning platform, which we can cost-effectively develop into a solution that fits perfectly with your organization and end users. In this way, we not only accelerate the technology, but also the creation of value for your business and the connection with your end user.

E-learning platform of Hoppinger

A modern and complete e-learning platform

E-learning can be used instead of traditional forms of learning, or in addition to it. The Hoppinger e-learning platform facilitates in shaping your blended learning offer. For example, we see combinations of live streaming of webinars, virtual training and classroom training on location. On the platform, this comes together in a rich, interactive learning environment for the end user. On the back is a user-friendly admin environment for managing the learning offer. Interaction with participants takes place via messages, chat or e-mail. In a clear dashboard you monitor the development of participants in real time. 

We build the robust e-learning platform with enterprise technology such as React, .NET Core and OData. We extend this solution with custom features to your specific application for digital learning, such as:

  • Onboarding tool for new employees  
  • Certification to become a dealer or service point of a product 
  • Contractor portal for training and testing external parties 
  • User guide for new users of a service or product 

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Expandable into one total experience

We often see that e-learning is used as a component of a broader platform, such as a customer portal or online community. As an expert in digital platform solutions, we bring your digital services together in one platform that you can always expand with new forms of service. This way we offer one total experience for your customer!

Through pleegzorg.nl, foster parents learn about all aspects of foster parenting. To make the offer even more relevant, the community is involved in the creation of learning material.

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We accelerate digital growth

Hoppinger is part of the Hoppinger Group. With over 20 years of experience and more than 90 digital experts, we are your digital partner for the long term. With our broad knowledge of digital growth and transformation, we help organizations to map out their digital strategy. We not only give advice, but also design the user experience and realize the technology. Flexible and future-proof, as a structural reinforcement of your IT landscape and architecture. This is how we accelerate digital growth. 

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