Mobile applications are an integral part of an omnichannel customer experience. And not only for consumer-oriented companies and organizations. More and more B2B companies are using the possibilities of mobile to respond to the ever-increasing expectations of end users. At Hoppinger we design and develop web apps, progressive web apps and native apps. For specific applications, but also as part of broader customer journeys of our customers' customers. Think native app versions of customer portals, apps in the health sector, mobile intranet, process support tools for field staff and mobile versions of e-commerce platforms. The mobile solutions we develop are fully tailored to the wishes of end users at the front, and fully integrated with our customer's IT landscape at the back. In this way, mobile becomes a seamless part of the customer journey and we help your company with the next step in digitization.

Web, Progressive Web Apps and native

Depending on the application, we can develop mobile solutions in different ways. A pure web-based app if no typical functions of a smartphone such as GPS or camera need to be used. A PWA, a progressive web app, if that is desired, but the app does not have to be offered via the App Store of Apple or Google Play Store. Or a pure native iOS or Android app if, for example, we need the advantages and speed of a smartphone for intensive use of the app.

Realization from A to Z

We have all the expertise in-house to realize a mobile application. From user researchers and user interface designers to developers and architects. You have also come to the right place for further development and management of your app.

High technology

Based on our best-tool-for-the-job vision on technology, we use the right technology for each specific issue. Our toolkit consists of a combination of enterprise and open source technologies and frameworks, such as React, React Native, .NET Core, TypeScript and native-specific tooling. With these techniques we develop technically high-quality apps with a lot of attention for user-friendliness, security and performance.

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