More and more people are opting for web-based solutions for mission critical applications. Web development and software engineering are increasingly growing closer together. That is why it is important that both the frontend and the backend work with robust, enterprise-quality technologies. With .NET as a framework and C# as the programming language for the backend, our team of highly experienced software architects and engineers develops high-quality digital solutions for various business issues.

Hoppinger as a development partner

Microsoft Partner

Hoppinger is Microsoft Silver Partner. We combine our knowledge of software engineering with the advantages of other off-the-shelf and low-code solutions from the various Microsoft suites. Standard where possible, tailor-made where it is of added value!

Strategic refactoring vs. new construction

With great pleasure we design and develop applications and platforms 'from scratch'. Often to replace existing applications that are years old. Older applications usually contain legacy code, legacy tooling or are based on outdated technical visions. As a result, management becomes difficult and costly, and further development leads to frustration for developers and users.

However, there is also a positive side to applications that have been running for years: they have been delivering value to the business and the users for years. That is why we like to assess the right technical strategy together with our customers. Often a mix of refactoring and continuous development is a better approach than complete new construction. In this way, we retain the value that the application contains and at the same time prepare it for the future.  

Want to know more about how we build on existing value? Hoppinger Group CTO Giuseppe Maggiore wrote an article about it:

Giuseppe Maggiore

Hoppinger Group accelerates digital innovation

Hoppinger is a digital partner for challenging digitization issues. Our 90+ experts specialize in developing digital platforms that connect our customers with their customers. Hoppinger is part of the Hoppinger Group. Together with Vidda Digital, focused on growth marketing, and Hoppinger Business Solutions, focused on low code business applications, we offer a one-stop-shop for your digital transformation. In this way, we help you accelerate impactful growth and innovation.

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