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Haskell developer

We are looking for a hardcore Haskell developer for innovative web application projects.

Our team builds advanced cloud software with innovative web technologies, including (but not limited to):

–    TypeScript
–    Reactjs
–    .Net Core

We integrate functional programming in our daily lives, and strive towards including all possible advanced concepts that we can find to make our code elegant, maintainable, and performant. We even build and use our own languages and monads.

If you find functors trivial, you believe that monad transformers are kind of obvious, and find that free monads are the place to be, then give us a call.

We strive towards working at the highest possible level of engineering, and try to include advanced software engineering concepts in our daily work. Which has lead to elegant solutions for complex web applications like and GrandeOmega. 

Click here for an interesting blog about React and Typescript of our CTO Giuseppe Maggiore.

Training and schooling

We know that in our field, knowledge is all. For this reason, we invest heavily in training and schooling for developers. Each Hoppinger developer has access to a team of PhD’s (who combine teaching with working in the field) who take care of all their training needs. Want to learn more about how LINQ is implemented? Want to learn what a monad is? Want to discover how to build high performance data structures? No problem! All of this, and more, is covered by our regular internal workshops.

Our clients

We work with clients who believe ‘online’ is an essential part of their communication and business strategy. Our projects are very diverse: international corporate websites till e-commerce solutions. Interested in a technical interesting case? See it here.


We highly value our culture. We want Hoppingers to come to work to help our clients, to develop themselves and most of all because they enjoy their work.

You could say that a Hoppinger …

is a professional; we are honest, trustworthy, take responsibility and are helpful.
… goes for quality; we are ambitious and creative, we always want the best.
is always evolving; we are eager to learn and share knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about our profession and want to keep growing.
… is genuine; we can be ourselves. We are open, honest, interested in and respectful to each other and have fun together. We are a team; there’s no macho behavior, mistakes can be made and successes are celebrated.

As a Haskell developer at Hoppinger you …

  • have at least a bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent (master degree preferred).
  • are a strong analytic thinker.
  • are an ambitious overachiever.
  • must live in or be ready to move to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • are available for 32 – 40 hours a week.
  • must speak English fluently.
  • live in a EU country.

Become a Hoppinger and you …

  • will receive a competitive salary.
  • have significant growth options.
  • work at a company that emphasizes a great work-life balance and which takes quality of life very seriously.
  • sometimes make overtime in return for free time.
  • will enjoy cycling to the office every day on your Hoppinger bike.
  • will enjoy a fresh lunch with your colleagues every day.
  • will have fun with colleagues on company outings: drinks, parties, christmas diner.
  • will enjoy sports together with colleagues: Rotterdam marathon, squash, ice karting, sailing.


About Hoppinger

Hoppinger is a full service digital agency in Rotterdam. We use our knowledge of advanced software engineering, online strategy, user centered design and online marketing to bring our clients and their target audiences closer together.

To get that done, we design and build online solutions that contribute to primary interactions and transactions between our clients and their customers, in order to reach mutually online goals.

We do this from our renovated warehouse on the waterfront along the Maas. A beautiful open space that symbolizes our open culture.

Let’s meet!

If you want to build high quality software, and care about solidity, scalability, performance, and type safety, then Hoppinger is the place to be. If you are interested and fit the requirements, let us know!

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