What was your position before you left Hoppinger?  

2 years ago, I was also a Developer at Hoppinger. I was mainly working on Drupal, but at some point, I was ready for a new language. So I had taken a new job where I could develop in this language.  


What did you miss in your previous job? 

I missed how easily one can approach the Management in case of questions or queries.  This is very important to me. 


Why did you come back to Hoppinger?  

The reason I came back to Hoppinger is innovation. I wanted to learn new coding languages again, including React and .Net. This was possible at Hoppinger. Developing these languages is a bit trickier, which I see as a nice challenge. I also really like the culture at Hoppinger. The people are much more connected, which makes it a nice place to work. I also get to try new things and work on interesting projects.   


What else makes you happy besides code?  

I love coffee and reading fiction books immensely. I am currently reading a good book about a doctor who gets lung cancer and how he then deals with it. It's definitely a recommended read! 

Also want to become a Hoppinger?

We are recruiting for several vacancies! 

Merula Fung-A-Loi