A React developer at Hoppinger

At Hoppinger we take a type-driven approach to developing our React applications and use TypeScript to keep our codebase at maximum type safety. We are big fans of mapped and conditional types for their ability to validate the structural soundness of the most complicated of states. With them we have created innovative libraries like a typesafe query DSL for OData. With the reactive nature of React and the structural typing of TypeScript we see functional programming as the obvious choice for our single-page applications. Our components do consist of composed monads and our states are completely immutable.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry, that is why every developer at Hoppinger has a personal coach and a team of PhD’s (with backgrounds in functional programming) that help them get all the training and expierence they need. Want to know what a functor is? Want to understand why React components are monads? Or learn how to extract maximum values out of advanced types? No problem! All of this, and more, is covered by our regular internal workshops or can become part of your Personal Development Plan.

We strive towards working at the highest possible level of engineering, and try to include advanced software engineering concepts in our daily work. Which has lead to elegant solutions for complex web applications like Gites.nl and GrandeOmega. 

Click here for an interesting blog about React and Typescript of our CTO Giuseppe Maggiore.


  • have at least a bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • are a strong analytic thinker
  • are an ambitious overachiever
  • are available for 32 – 40 hours a week
  • must speak English fluently

What we offer you?

  • Competitive salary

  • Training budget 

  • Personal coach to help you set out your personal development path 

  • Everything you need to work from home  

  • Possibility to temporarily work abroad  

  • And much more like a company bike, contribution to your retirement fund, fitness contribution and fully paid 5-week partner/paternity leave.  

At Hoppinger we want to create impact, whether that’s in health and life sciences, housing or the food industry, non-profit or commercial; we bring this mission to work every day. Impactful growth and innovation make the difference with our clients and their users, and that's what makes us tick. We understand like no other that we can only make that difference if we grow and innovate ourselves. That’s why we not only invest in growing and innovating our clients, but our Hoppingers as well. With personal coaching, development plans and training budgets, we make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to become their best professional selves while contributing to the impactful growth of our clients and industries.  

Do you want to make a difference in the world of digital transformation while growing as a professional? Apply!  

The Hoppinger Group

The Hoppinger Group is a partner in challenging digitization issues and full digital transformations. With approximately 100 digital professionals, we devise and implement digitalization strategies that help our customers' business grow and have a positive impact on the daily lives of end users. We do this for great brands such as SSH Student Housing, KWF, Hartstichting and FrieslandCampina.

For the execution we work from three specialized cells: Hoppinger, specialized in the realization of transactional portals and e-business solutions; Vidda Digital, focused on digital performance marketing and website development; and Hoppinger Business Solutions, aimed at structuring data and streamlining back-office processes via CRM, ERP, low code and BI.

Let’s meet!

If you want to build high quality software, and care about solidity, scalability, performance, and type safety, then Hoppinger is the place to be. If you are interested and fit the requirements, let us know!

A certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) and a pre-employment screening are part of our application procedure.

Acquisition to this vacancy is not appreciated.