The Hoppinger Group

The Hoppinger Group is a group of three digital boutique firms: Vidda Digital, Hoppinger and Hoppinger Business Solutions. As a group, we are an end-to-end digital partner where about 100 digital experts focus together on challenging digitalization issues and digital transformations. The Hoppinger Group works with customers such as KWF, Van Oord, the Hartstichting, FrieslandCampina, Refreso, SSH Student Housing and Jeugdzorg Nederland.

As a long-term partner in digital transformations of businesses and organizations, we find it essential to combine our knowledge of digital with knowledge of the industry in which our customers operate. This enables us to create and develop digital solutions that enable our clients to exceed their customers' expectations. This is how we help our clients grow, innovate or even disrupt the chain in which they operate.


  • Knows Drupal inside and out and wants to use it to the max.
  • Believes in the benefits of MACH and headless Drupal.
  • Enjoys going to events where the latest developments in Drupal are shared.
  • Is active in the community or seems to enjoy becoming active.
  • APIs are your second nature.
  • Are a team player who considers the customer a team member.
  • Have completed HBO or WO and have a good understanding of computational concepts.

What we offer?

At the Hoppinger Group, we not only take good care of our customers, but also of each other. With the various areas of expertise that we have in house, you not only get the opportunity to develop within your position, you also get to know the various aspects and challenges of the work field. We have years of experience as a work learning company and offer appropriate guidance that actually challenges you so that you can continue to develop. Through coaching, talks and training you will expand your knowledge and then immediately put it into practice. Together we can give your career a kick start!

In our flexible, open and dynamic work environment in a historic warehouse in Rotterdam, there is plenty of room for ambition, but also for shared lunches, sports, team outings, relaxation and fun.

Let’s meet!

Do you see yourself working with us? Then send us your CV, portfolio and cover letter right away! We would love to get to know you.

Applying for a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) and a pre-employment screening are part of our application process.

Acquisition in response to this advertisement is not appreciated.