React is a JavaScript framework. It was developed by Facebook to offer fast, reactive functionalities and interfaces to end users. After that, Facebook made it open source. The power of this enterprise solution is still in the DNA of the framework.

Combined with TypeScript, an open source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft, React enables us to develop high-end frontend applications and native apps that deliver a high-quality user experience. Additional advantages: a higher ranking at Google because of the good performance and the possibility of fast, iterative further development. For example, we can respond to changing wishes of users and make adjustments based on data about the use of a website or application.

A blessing for designers and UX-ers

React enables designers to create modern interfaces and rich experiences. It therefore lends itself perfectly to websites and other digital applications where digital branding and user experience are crucial.

Performance and SEO

React goes beyond a fantastic user experience. The framework also has other advantages: the server is less loaded, so hosting costs are lower and many visitors are better to absorb. Websites that load quickly also rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing.

React Native for native apps

In addition to React for web applications, we use React Native. With this we develop native apps that use the capabilities of a smartphone (such as camera and GPS). Those apps can be downloaded from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. Through react's API, the apps use the same underlying architecture as the web variant.

Part of modern web and IT architecture

We create websites, e-commerce platforms and portals that digitize the core of our customers' business. We use React as a frontend application or user interface to unlock data from underlying IT systems to users via an intermediate layer. For example, we create a modern web architecture that consists of layers and components that communicate with each other via APIs. With this multi-layered architecture and 'best of breed' solutions, the Total Cost of Ownership remains low and the architecture future-proof.

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